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Joe Danna for Harris County Sheriff

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new leadership

The 4500 men and women with the Sheriff's Office and the entire community deserve a leader and true law enforcement officer and NOT a politician as their next Sheriff.

When elected, I will implement an effective organization that will share our transparency message and provides police services that Harris County citizens deserve.
We will make decisions on their merits and common sense, for what is best for the Office and the community. I will stop the current supervision by intimidation that has been allowed for many years.

All this will increase the morale and spirit of the Deputies to provide professional police services.

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restore trust

In most recent times, our Country has experienced hate, evil, and a mistrust towards law enforcement as we have never seen before. Suppose the respect & Trust toward our peacekeepers are not restored. In that case, we will see levels of civil unrest throughout Harris County and many other areas.

I will restore Trust within the Office to build a positive and professional relationship with our communities. Resulting in a fresh new and overdue trend of reducing crime, and all will welcome that.

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Harris County matters, not just to you and me, but nationally. As the third-largest County in the Country, we hold the title of being the most ethnically and racially diverse County in the United States. We should demand leadership that is committed to putting civilian and officer safety above all else.

It is time for a change, and it all begins with electing Joe Danna as the new Sheriff of Harris County. You have my word today. I am committed to lead the Sheriff's Office with actual police experience, integrity, and accountability.

Joe Danna for Harris County Sheriff
Action Alert: I Need your HELP!

Soon, Harris County Commissioners will appoint a new Harris County Sheriff.

Join me in asking them to appoint Joe Danna.

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