Leading with Commitment to Service and Transformation.

Joe Danna comes from a close-knit Catholic Italian family in Harris County, where he grew up alongside eight sisters and one brother. Joe’s strong work ethic began at the age of nine where he worked his first job throwing a paper route.

Joe spent the first 15 years of his career in the film development industry before founding a company called Quality Photo Inc, the first photo lab of its kind in Houston, Texas. Over the course of 12 years, he nurtured and developed this business and ultimately sold it to embark on a new journey in law enforcement that would span three decades.

As a Master Peace Officer, Joe immersed himself in every division of the Precinct One Constable’s Office for a remarkable twenty years. During this time, he gained extensive experience coordinating law enforcement efforts with the FBI, HPD, HCSO, and TXDOT. Notably, he authored the very first TXDOT STEP PROGRAM, further exemplifying his commitment to improving law enforcement practices.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Joe remains deeply engaged with the community, actively participating in various clubs and organizations. However, his most fulfilling involvement takes place within the Texas Prisons System, where he serves as an instructor with Toastmasters, providing valuable guidance to incarcerated individuals.

Joe Danna holds a profound sense of duty towards the citizens of Harris County, recognizing that they are his family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and community. He experiences the same daily struggles and challenges that other residents of Harris County face. From boardrooms to bus stops, he believes we all deserve the same expectations to live and raise our families in a safe environment.

With a resolute focus on creating meaningful change, Joe aspires to tackle pressing issues head-on. From addressing the release of repeat offenders to insufficient training for detention officers, it’s time for change. It’s time for transparency. It’s time to restore trust in our community. It’s time for new leadership. It’s time for Joe Danna.

Together, Let’s Make Harris County a Safe Place to Live!

Recent Increase in Crime Rates:

Our communities have experienced an unacceptable increase in crime rates over the last 2 years:

  • Houston, texas 42% 42%
  • Harris County, Texas 27% 27%

Core Values:

Integrity, Transparency, Accountability



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