Your neighbors and your local organizations are supporting Joe Danna for Harris County Sheriff.

Joe Danna has the support of many well-known and respected individuals and organizations in Harris County, Texas. If you would like to add your name or your organization’s name to the list of people standing with Joe Danna, complete this endorsement form.



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    Proudly Endorsing Joe Danna for Harris County Sheriff

    Joe Danna is proud to be endorsed by over 70 individuals, organizations, and businesses in Harris County communities and beyond.

    Stefanie and I have known Joe for at least 20 years. He has always had the community safety and concern in his heart. He is a true Law Enforcement Professional. I have been in law enforcement for over 50 years. I have seen true politicians attempt to lead a law enforcement agency either by appointment or by election. I truly believe Joe Danna will actually lead the Sheriff’s Office with both the community and the personnel who are the boots on the ground with the utmost respect and professionalism that the office demands.

    Please consider your vote for the professional, Joe Danna, to actually protect and serve the citizens of Harris County.

    Neal and Stefanie Leonard

    “Joe is a man of high integrity which has been proven time and time again as he served the agencies and community in which he swore to Protect and Serve as a Texas Peace Officer. These characteristics speak volumes of the man I know who is more than deserving of being appointed as Harris County Sheriff to serve as Harris Counties “TOP COP!””

    Robert “Bobby” Strickland
    Harris County Sheriff’s Department (Retired)

    “Joe Danna is a strong pro-family, conservative candidate in the race for Harris County Sheriff. He is committed to fighting for homeschoolers and families within his county. THSC is proud to support Joe’s candidacy.”

    Tim Lambert
    Texas Home School Coalition (THSC PAC)


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