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Katy Christian Magazine: Danna for Sheriff Gains Traction


Joe Danna is a popular guy in Harris County, the guy you call when you can’t get help or answers elsewhere and need to get the job done.

For years, Danna has stepped in to solve problems, lend assistance, or bring attention to matters largely ignored by Harris County leaders.

Now, Danna will get another chance to hold the position of the highest law enforcement officer of the county, after current Sheriff Ed Gonzalez accepted the nomination for head of ICE.

Katy Christian Magazine publisher Joseph Menslage endorsed Danna for Sheriff shortly after the announcement, stating that Harris County has been plagued by a “politics before safety” mindset that needs to be reversed.

I spoke with Danna to hear firsthand how he feels about stepping into the office of Sheriff, both in the interim and again during re-election in 2022. Read here the rest of the article