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Third Officer Perishes in the Line of Duty

A nationwide spike in violent crime devastated the law enforcement community in Texas after the murder of Corporal Charles Galloway of Harris County Pct. 5. Galloway, 47, was put to rest on Tuesday. He is survived by a daughter and a sister. Galloway served the Greater Houston community for over 12 years.

Galloway was one of 3 law enforcement officers in Texas who perished on 3 consecutive days. The other officials were a special agent and a sergeant, who were also killed in the line of duty. These officers constitute 3 of 25 officers nationally who have lost their lives within the first month of 2022.

According to recent reports, nearly 460 law enforcement officers were killed in 2021, that statistic up a staggering 55% from 2020. Escalating violence toward police and anti-police sentiment in the U.S. have been detrimental to the spirit within police departments.